• Materi Conversation Advance

    Advance 1

    UNIT I. Thanks giving is a Celebration Day

    Granting Request

    Report Texts


    UNIT II. Sydney is a Metropolitan City …..

    Expressing Disatisfaction

    Report Texts


    UNIT III .Saving Energy Can Reduce Global Warm


    Analytical Exposition Texts


    UNIT IV. All Students Should Get a Drug Free Education

    Advising and Warning

    Analytical Expositions


    UNIT V. A Long, Long Time Ago ………..

    Expressing Pleasure

    Expressing Pain

    Expressing Relief

    Narrative Texts


    UNIT VI. Good Morning, You’re Watching English News ….

    Stages in Reading News

    Stages in Reporting News and Interviewing the Source of the News

    Stages in Interviewing Guests

    News reading Texts

    Dialogue Interactive Texts


    UNIT VII .It’s My Pleasure to Welcome You to the Seminar.

    Stages in Emceeing

    Stages in Presenting Radio Programme

    Emceeing Texts

    Event Organizer Checklist

    Review Semester 1 vi Interlanguage: English for Senior High School Students XI


    UNIT VIII. Once Upon a Time, There was Once a Guy Who Was Very Much in Love

    with a Girl

    Expressing Love and Sadness

    Narrative Texts


    UNIT IX. Indonesian Should Promote Multiculturalism and Preserve Its Cultural


    Expressing Stance

    Hortatory Expositions



    UNIT X .The Government Should Build More Boarding School.

    Expressing Annoyance

    Hortatory Exposition



    UNIT XI. Good, Because I Didn’t ………..

    Expressing Embarrassment

    Spoof Texts


    UNIT XII .A Pirate Was Talking to a “Land Lubber” in a Bar. ………..

    Expressing Anger

    Spoof Texts



    UNIT XIII. Let’s Read Short Stories and Perform Dramas


    Making Drama Props

    Short Storis

    Summarizing a Short Story


    UNIT XIV. Do You Like Watching and Singing Songs?

    Movie Script

    Song Lyrics

    Writing Essay about a Song


    UNIT XV.The Words in This Poem are Beautiful.


    Persona and Characters

    Musical Devices

    Poetry Analysis


    Advance 2

    Unit I .



    Functional Texts: Narrative Texts


    Unit II .Illegal Drugs Can Damage Important Organs

    Expressing Curiousity

    Discussing PossibilitieS

    Functional Texts: Explanation Texts


    Unit III . .The Impact of Global .Warming Could be Devastating ProposinG

    Giving Instructions

    Functional Texts: Explanation Texts


    Unit IV . Should Students be Allowed to Take Part-.time .Jobs.?

    Expressing Stance



    Functional Texts: Discussion Texts


    Unit V . .The Penalty Should be Increased………

    Accusing and Admitting

    Expressing Intentions

    Functional Texts: Discussion Texts


    Unit VI ….. Let Me Tell You a Story about Fairies

    Asking/Stating Plans




    Functional Texts: Narrative Texts

    Unit VII

    Expressing Hopes

    Expressing Intentions

    Stating Objectives


    Functional Texts: Review Texts


    Unit VIII ……. Check Out These Great Friendship.Movies








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