• Materi Conversation Basic

    Basic 1

    Unit 1: Hello..How are you?

    Unit 2: I am………….

    Unit 3: Do this, please!

    Unit 4: Doing things

    Unit 5: Do you like sports?

    Unit 6: She is tall and thin

    Unit 7: Could you help me, please?

    Unit 8: Show me how



    Unit 1: Congratulations!

    Unit 2: Tell me your experience! (Recount)

    Unit 3: What do you do for fun?

    Unit 4: Let’s go somewhere (Descriptive)

    Unit 5: What do you think?

    Unit 6: Once Upon a Time (Narrative).

    Unit 7: Making Telephone Calls

    Unit 8: It Happened Like This (Recount).


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