Flowers are the parts of a seed plant that contain the organs concerned with sexual reproduction, including ovary and stamens. These reproduction structures are usually associated with sterile outher structures that protect them and attact insects or birds who help the process of fertilization. Some flowers have special scents which can attract insects to come.

Flowers basically have four parts : petals, sepals, stamens and pistils. Most petals are in bright colour, or sometimes green, as green as sepals. Stamens are the male reproductive organs, which arise within the petals. They vary in number, from one to hundreds per flower. Pistils are the female organs of reproduction, they vary in structures.


1.         What is the function of sterile outher structures ?

a.         they have special scents

b.         they attract insencts or birds

c.                     they protect ovary and staments

d.         they contain sexual-reproduction

e.         they help the process of fertilization


2.         What are the male organs of refroduction …..

a.         petals

b.         sepals

c.                     pistils

d.         staments

e.         ovary


3.         Why do sterile outer structures attract insect or bird ? To …..

a.         protect them

b.         vary in structures

c.                     give their scent

d.         help the process of fertilization

e.         provide some plowers with special


4.         What is the aim of the text a bove ? To …..

a.         give information about plowers

b.         explain the pracess of pertilization

c.                     describe the parts of a seed plant

d.         expose the reproduction structures of plowers

e.         report how plowers attract insects or birds


5.         What is meant by the female reproductive organs ?

a.         petals

b.         sepals

c.                     staments

d.         seeds

e.         pistils




kevin : the farmer wants to transmigrate to another island in order to survive.

Novitya: which farmer ?

Kevin : the farmer …….. family consists of a wife and four children.

a. who

b. whom

c. that

d. whose

e. which



Fiera : can you turn on this electric store, Yuni ?

Panji : “ I‘m sorry I don’t know …..

a. the way operating it

b. how to operate it

c. what is operated

d. it is operate

e. operating it


8. Farah : you look very busy with your work.


Reidy : sure. If you don’t mind.

How kind you are.

a. are you tired ?

b. can I help you ?

c. do you like to help me ?

d. can you do me a favour ?

e. would you like to help me ?



A : you seem to busy.

May I give you a hand ?

B : oh, no thank you. I can do it my self.

The underlined sentence expresses …..

a. offering help

b. asking for help

c. expecting help

d. anticipating help

e. waiting for help



clief : John lost his money on his way to school this morning.

Frisda : oh, poor John.

The underlined sentence expresses …..

a. regret

b. opinion

c. sympathy

d. obligation

e. expectation












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