Answer these questions by crossing a,b,c,d or e

1. Man : Why do you look so pale and weak ?

Women : I have a painful stomachache

Man : You should go to the doctor. Let i’ll a company you

What does the man express ? the man express

a. Advice

b. Agreement

c. Satisfaction

d. Disagreement

e. Dissatisfaction


2. The phrases below are expressing opinion, except

a. In my opinion you must join the class

b. Ass I see it, the problem is quiet difficult

c. Personally. I think that you need more practice

d. I’m sorry to hear that

e. To my mind, it would be better to revise the draft.


3. sisca : boy, I still love you with all my heart

boy : ……..

the appropriate response of refusing for love expression is,….

a. sorry

b. Don’t love me

c. Do I love you?

d. sory, I can’t accept your feeling

e. No problem


4. Michael :……………. Jane

Jane : I love you too

a. I miss you

b. I need you

c. I will always do

d. I hate you

e. I love you very much


5. X : What happen to you? I know how you feel, but please don’t cry

Y : ( Crying )

We can conclude that the second speaker is…….

a. Embarrased

b. Sad

c. Angry

d. Tired

e. Excited














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