KELAS/SEMESTER             : 6 SD / 1

    WAKTU                                   : 60 MENIT



    Executive summary about soal bahasa inggris KELAS 6 SD by Widiastuti


    Answer these questions by crossing a, b, c or d


    1. 1. The sun shines brightly. It is a ________.a. Windyb. Cloudyc. Rainy day

      d. Sunny day



      2. What season if the trees, houses and land become wet?

      It is ________.

      a. Dry season

      b. Rainy season

      c. Windy

      d. Cloudy



      3. This Lala is studying English in the classroom. She is a ________.

      a. student

      b. singer

      c. actress

      d. athlete



      4. Ucil and Pampam are playing in the yard. They are playing ________.

      a. Football

      b. Marbles

      c. Cricket

      d. Kite



      5. The boys are in the field. They are ________football.

      a. Play

      b. Plays

      c. Played

      d. Playing




    Executive summary about soal bahasa inggris KELAS 6 SD by Bank Soal -Ujian Akhir Sekolah


    Answer these questions by crossing a, b, c or d

    On Sunday Ani doesn’t go to school. She goes to market with her mother. She wants to buy some vegetables such as cabbage, carrot and potatoes. Then she goes to the fishmonger to buy some goldfish and cuttlefish. In the market is very crowded.

    1. The appropriate tittle for the text above is ……..

    A. Going to the market

    B. Going to the hospital

    C. Going to the zoo

    D. Going to the restaurant


    2. …….. and …….. go to market

    A. Ani and her sister

    B. Ani and her brother

    C. Ani and her mother

    D. Ani and her father


    3. She buys some …….. and …….. at the fishmonger.

    A. Goldfish and crab

    B. Goldfish and cuttlefish

    C. goldfish and potatoes

    D. carrot and goldfish


    4. Anis goes to market on ……..

    A. Sunday

    B. Monday

    C. Saturday

    D. Tuesday


    5. The situation in the market is very ……..

    A. silenty

    B. noisy

    C. happily

    D. crowded


    6. Ade : Where are you sleeping?

    Andri : I sleep in the ……..

    A. Living room

    B. Bathroom

    C. Bedroom

    D. Kitchen


    7. I want to take a bath, I need a …….. to wash my body.

    A. Soap

    B. Toothpaste

    C. Detergent

    D. Shampoo


    8. She wants to make a line. She needs a ……..

    A. Eraser

    B. Ruler

    C. Blackboard

    D. Vase


    9. Student : “I am …….. sir, I come late.”

    Teacher : “That’s ok, please sit down.”

    A. Good

    B. Fine

    C. Sorry

    D. Thank you

    10. Nita : ” …….. you close the door?”

    Ari : “Oh sure. I’ll close it.”

    Nita : “Thank you.”

    Ari : “You’re welcome.”

    A. May

    B. Can

    C. Please

    D. Let’s



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