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KELAS/SEMESTER             : 3 SD / 1

MATERI POKOK                  : LINGKUNGAN

WAKTU                                   : 60 MENIT



Executive summary about bank soal bahasa inggris kelas 3 sd from matakami

 I. Answer these questions bellow

  1. It is cold. I must wear …..
  2. Every Monday there is a ……….. In my school.  (upacara bendera )
  3. Moslems always go to ……. for pray. (masjid )
  4. change into negative this sentences

(+) They are students.

(- )  …………………

5.    Pedi cab, taxi, bus, and truck are kinds of …….. Transportation. (darat )


Mr. Anto is a good teacher. He works at a small school. It is SDN “Nurani”. He never comes late. He always get up at 4 o’clock and goes to school at five thirty. Mr. Anto teaches Math. But he also can speak English well.

  1. Is Mr. Anto a good teacher ?
  2. Does he teach at small school ?
  3. Does he come late ?


II. Answer These questions by choosing a, b or c


1. 21-5 = ……

a. Nineteen

b. Eighteen

c. Seventeen


2. (26 ) It is number ……………

a. Twenty four

b. Twenty six

c. Twenty seven


3. White in Indonesian is ………

a. Merah

b. Putih

c. Hitam


4. This is a spinach . Please translate into Indonesian…..

a. Ini adalah bayam

b. Ini adalah wortel

c. Ini adalah kubis


5. Is that a bag ?

a. Yes, that is a bag

b. Yes, this a bag

c. Yes, that is not a bag



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